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Our Story

Not Just Coffee, It 's Our Philosophy of Life

Quotes Coffee was founded by a NYC designer,
who is not only a heavy coffee drinker
but also a perfectionist at her work,
who delivers inspiring designs to her clients
that reflect a higher quality of life,
who cares about bringing the best to others
to make everyone happier.
And now, she found the freshly roasted coffee that she likes
and decides to share it with you.
Always looking for the BETTER and the BEST!  

Better Coffee, Better Life!

Let’s pursue that perfect cup!

Based in NYC,
Quotes Coffee works with great coffee roasters in the US
to provide the best quality freshly roasted coffee.
Motivated by our yearning for a better freshly roasted coffee
that will make us happier and function better daily,
Quotes Coffee was formed.

Our focus will always be Quality over Quantity.
We source the finest single-origin coffees 
from around the world that we are proud to
roast, pack and ship right to your door.

So, say good bye to those
off-the-shelf mass-produced coffee now.
Quotes Coffee only ships the freshly roasted coffee
to help you get going,
and you will know the difference -

there is passion & progress in every sip.

Staying Home? 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected our lives,
and we know that many need to stay home. 
If you need to stay at home, we want to help. 
Quotes Coffee also wants to provide some help
to front line healthcare workers,
so we thought it would be great if we can
donate a part of the sell to them.

When the COVID is over,
we want to continue to donate to other organizations:
For kids - for their education and building schools.