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How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans?

Making a coffee is easy but deciding on which coffee to buy can be a challenging task. With various brands and varieties in the market today, it makes it more difficult for choosing one. We know the best methods of preparing a coffee, but the hardest of choice is choosing the coffee beans to make your coffee experience the best one.

There are various factors to note down while buying coffee beans to make the best coffee experience to give a perfect start to our day. Now, these coffee beans range from various regions, variety, roast, and grind.

We have listed down some of the important factors to keep in mind while buying the best coffee beans.

Roast freshness: It’s a big myth that coffee doesn’t go bad forever. And it’s not true in terms of roasted coffee. The coffee does lose its taste with time. So be sure to check the roast date when buying coffee beans. And if the supplier doesn’t mention the roast date, don’t buy it. Buy it as freshly roasted as possible.

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Type of bean: Coffee industry has been divided into basically two categories – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is a more acidic coffee with a delicate flavor perfect for an easy everyday beverage. Robusta beans are coffee beans that have been grown in a harsh climate with less amount of water, because of which they have a bitter taste. So be mindful when choosing one for one.

Single-Origin or Blended: Single-origin coffee is your coffee that has been sourced from a single geographic location whereas blended coffee is the mixture of coffee from two to four different locations giving it a combination of tastes and aroma.

If you are a black coffee drinker you should go for single-origin coffee as it gives the coffee drinker a perfect taste from a specific region and lets them appreciate the flavor of the region.

Origin Selection: Coffee from different regions has different type of flavors, which means that the flavor of the coffee depends on where it has grown. The Asian coffee has a woody or earthy aroma, Central America has a smooth fruity flavor and the Arabic has hints of wine and flavor of berries for example blueberries. Coffee that has been grown in higher altitudes has a rich flavor compared to the coffee grown at the coast.

Selecting a Coffee Roast: Roasting a coffee brings out the flavors in it. There are various types of roasts ranging from light roasts to darker shade. Mainly there are three different types of shades: Light, Medium, and Dark. And mind you there is a large difference between the light and darker shades. If your preference is something smooth, you should definitely go for a lighter shade of coffee beans because they are roasted for a shorter period of time. If you like bitter coffee, go for a darker shade.

So next time whenever you are planning to buy coffee beans, be sure to rate your coffee on these points and select the one which suits you the most.