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From seed to cup – Your ultimate Coffee process

Coffee, one of the most loved beverages around the world that help you start your day on a good note. But do we know how this coffee that we immensely enjoy in our cups got here?

Well, we here at Quotes Coffee take you through the process of how this coffee is converted from this little seed to a freshly brewed coffee in your hands.

  1. Planting: The coffee seeds are planted in shaded rows to protect them from too much sun. To make sure the soil remains wet, the planting is usually done during the rainy season. The germination starts after two and half months. In general, the coffee is planted in a hilly region with volcanic soil that is high in nitrogen.
  1. Harvesting: After reaching maturity the coffee plant bears fruits, and these fruits are called a coffee cherry. Generally, the coffee plant bears the fruit after 5 years, and the harvesting is only done once a year during the dry season. But some countries like Colombia do produce a second smaller harvest.

The harvest is usually done by the hands or by the machine. The coffee cherries that are picked by hand produce the best quality of the coffee.

  1. Processing: The processing of the cherries should begin very soon after the harvesting, to avoid any spoilage. There are three methods: dry process, wet process, and honey process.

The dry process is the natural process, used in places where water is scarce. Cherries are placed out in the sun for 15-20 days.

In the wet method, the coffee beans are washed with water to remove the skin and also to remove the unripe cherries.

The honey process is also known as the semi-washed process, where the outer skin is removed through the use of depulpers.

  1. Drying: After processing the coffee cherries, the next thing is to dry them to remove the moisture content. These coffee cherries are dried in the sun or with mechanical dryers. The various drying methods used are spreading the cherries on patios and raising beds.
  1. Milling: The milling process on coffee cherries is performed before exporting it or taking it out to the market.

The first process is hulling in which the entire dried layer is removed from coffee. Next is polishing, where any remaining silver skin is removed and also improves the appearance of the coffee.

The next step is grading and sorting, where coffee beans are reviewed by their size and weight.

  1. Exportation: The green coffee is now packed in either jute or sisal bags, and loaded off in containers or plastic lined containers. Coffee is the most traded commodity all over the world after oil, with a lot of people relying on this industry.
  1. Quality test of coffee: In this step, the quality and taste of the coffee are repeatedly checked in a specific room designed for this purpose. And this process is known as cupping, where cuppers assess the aroma, flavor, and acidity of the coffee.
  1. Roasting: The process of turning your green coffee beans into rich aromatic brown beans is defined as roasting. The beans are kept in the big roasters maintaining a temperature of about 550 degrees and are continuously turned to avoid them from burning.  After roasting, these beans are either cooled by air or water.

The most crucial thing is that these freshly roasted coffee beans should reach consumers as quickly as possible.

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  1. Grinding and Brewing: The grind size of the coffee is important so that the water can quickly extract the flavors. And this grind size depends on the type of brewing used and the length of time the water is in contact with the coffee

Now as you know about the whole coffee process, you know the value of that one fresh cup of coffee on your table. So take a sip, sit back and enjoy.

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