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Coffee is a brewed beverage prepared from the green coffee beans that we know of. But do we know how this all started? How did it strike to the mind of a human to roast a green coffee bean to fresh aromatic bean?

We at Quotes Coffee introduce you to the history of coffee beans roasting.  

History says that the tribe in Ethiopia was the first one to try the green coffee berries. Their interest arose when they saw the goats and birds eat these green berries. But the idea of roasting the green berries came to the minds of Arabs back in the 13th century. They roasted these green beans on fire and grounded them up.

And that’s how the roasting of beans came known to the world. With time came along various methods and ways to roast a green bean. A coffee is distinguishable with the method of its roast, not the bean.

Let us “Quotes Coffee” take you through the various methods evolved over time to roast a coffee

Roasting Coffee in large pans – This dates back to the 13th century when Arabs and the Middle East started roasting their limited amount of coffee beans on thin pans. These beans were stirred evenly with a spoon which was a difficult task for a roaster and also a little messy.

Cylindrical Coffee roaster -- This method of roasting beans was said to be developed in Europe back in the 17th century.  In this, a cylindrical chamber with a hand crank and enclosed green beans are roasted over heat. This was far more comfortable than roasting beans in pans.

Industrial Coffee Roaster – With industrialization in the 19th century, tweaks were added to the coffee roaster. Now large cylinders were placed on the heat to roast the coffee with the heat source being from coal or wood. The coffee with this method had a smoky flavor. But this problem of smoky flavor was solved by the gas as the source of heat.

Electrical Coffee Roster – With the advent of electricity, the coffee roaster became significantly less labor-intensive with all the electrical motors used. The electrical heat is constant and easy to vary than the heat generated from flames. So this made the whole process more controllable, efficient, and accurate.

Fluid Bed Roaster – Fluid bed roasters also known as the hot air roasters were the ones to arrive after drum roasters. In a fluid bed roaster, heated air passes through the beans enough to lift the beans. Once the beans lift with heated air, they tumble around and in the whole process get roasted. But fluid bed roaster didn’t provide the results as expected.

The modern era with its technologies has provided numerous methods to roast coffee beans. Roasters nowadays analyze and speculate their roasted coffee now and then. With time they improve their roasted coffee by adding their tweaks to it.

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