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Coffee Basics: How do you roast coffee?

Coffee as we know is the most loved beverage all around the world. Who doesn’t love to sip this beverage that fills us with energy? We all do right!

But do we know how these green coffee beans turn into aromatic roasted coffee beans? 

Well in this article we will let you know about the procedure of roasting coffee beans and the whole process that green beans go through before reaching the final stage.

We must understand first that why coffee roasting is important? Well, raw green coffee beans have a grassy aroma and feel nothing like your cherished coffee. The roasting of these green beans transforms them into delicious aromatic beans ready for your coffee. 

But these green beans are not roasted straight off. Particular steps are followed in this roasting process.

The first process is drying these green beans to remove the humidity from them. This drying stage is important for preserving the energy of the bean.

The next process is browning these green beans through roasting. This is a stage where the aroma of the beans starts to develop. In this, the natural sugars and amino acids start to develop a distinctive flavor in the coffee. The roasting stage develops the aroma compound in the coffee and there are various points to take care of while roasting.

Roast Degree: One of the most important factors in the process of roasting is the degree to which you roast your beans. Lightly roasted beans can be sour while your dark roasted coffee beans can taste bitter, so a perfect roasting degree temperature should be obtained to bring out the perfect coffee flavor in them.

Roasting Time: Also another important factor is the roasting time of each stage. Fast roasting develops the most desired aroma in the coffee. But sometimes fast roasting is not a good idea.

Cooling: The last basic step in coffee roasting is the cooling process. The beans should be cooled well to end the roasting process as soon as possible.

The roasts of a coffee fall into four types of categories namely light, medium, medium-dark and dark. Now, these different types of coffee preferences depend upon personal choice and also can be influenced by the geographical location.

 After roasting, the coffee is tested to whether it is of optimum premium quality or not. And this process is called cupping. This process of testing the coffee depends upon the skills and experience of the person who tastes the coffee.

Roasting a coffee bean gives it the ultimate flavor and aroma that we need. So it is crucial to follow all these important steps carefully. Also take note that every roaster has its tweaks to their roasting process and their preferences in it, as a result, which gives a very different coffee. 

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