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6 Coffee Flavors that One Should Try

Most of us like black coffee, and some of us like our coffee with milk, sweeteners, and cream. There are many combinations like these that we make out of the ingredients normally to make our coffee much richer. 

But sometimes our taste buds crave something different when we get bored of the usual taste. 

Adding new flavor to coffee is one way to spice up things and getting a change for your taste buds. The first thing you can do to add a flavor to your coffee is to buy fresh coffee beans and mix them with the flavor you like. If you are looking to buy fresh coffee beans in the US, we provide fresh coffee beans at your doorstep. 

We at Quotes Coffee have listed down some of the best flavors one can try to make from freshly roasted coffee. 

  1. Spiced coffee: Adding spices to the coffee instantly changes the taste of the coffee and makes it better for the health too. This is an easy way to add flavor to a coffee and also it’s inexpensive. The ingredients you can find easily at home. The spices that one can add are cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, star anise, cloves, and nutmeg. 

Nutmeg adds a hint of sweetness, whereas ginger and cardamom adds more of the spiciness, so be careful while adding those.

Star anise also adds sweetness with a licorice type of flavor to a coffee. And nutmeg adds earthiness to your coffee.

  1. Extracts:The extracts add a sweet addition to your coffee. Now, these extracts can be used in the bean form or in liquid form. The bean form of the extract can be used before brewing whereas the liquid form can be added directly to your finished coffee. Various types of extracts are vanilla extract, almond extract, and peppermint extract. Vanilla extract adds a creamy and sweet flavor to a coffee and almond extract adds a nutty twist. 
  1. Butter:This type of coffee flavor has gained popularity in recent years. Although it’s hard to imagine coffee with butter, adding a little butter to your freshly brewed coffee gives coffee a rich, creamy, and smooth touch to your coffee cup. Now this coffee with butter is known as bulletproof coffee because it provides long-lasting energy. 
  1. Chocolate or Cocoa nibs: The dark morsels of chocolate or cocoa nibs mix very well with the coffee and gives it a rich creamy chocolate taste that one will love. It gives the best of both worlds, coffee, and chocolate. The texture is richly dark and different from your normal coffee. These can be added to your whole coffee beans and then ground together to give a rich creamy texture to coffee.
  1. Citrus:Putting citrus to a coffee might sound strange, but when added to an iced coffee it gives a refreshing taste to the coffee. Adding a splash of lemon to a freshly brewed coffee will give a different taste to the coffee that one can enjoy.
  1. Peppermint oil:One can use pure peppermint oil drops to coffee during the process of brewing. Just remember to use it in small quantities because peppermint oil can overtake other flavors very easily, no matter how rich the coffee beans are.

These were some of the flavors that one can try when having a coffee, to give a new and different taste to the taste buds. So be sure to give these flavors a try and expand your taste horizons and let us know which one you liked the most.